Please state in your notes if you'd like a delivery or a click and collect and any details around time and day preferences. Example below:
* Leave your phone number for an update when your order is ready
* Liquids are available for collection only, we are working on getting some dissolvable sachets so keep your eyes peeled. 
We are having issues with the delivery option on the website, after selecting that you want it delivered, the next section chooses 'collect in store' we are currently trying to resolve this  (LOL - we're so untechnical) so if you would like delivery, please write it in the notes and what day and time is best for you :)


* Be aware that if you live in a flat, we will need someone to come down and collect from the door, or if there is a neighbour we can leave it with. 
*If you have any spare clean tupperware and or tote bags, please give them to either Tami or Santi when they arrive.
PS We do not offer postal deliveries, all deliveries will be by us on our beautiful electric bike. 
We are aware that there will be issues while we start this, as it is new to us having online and in store sales, but please bare with us while we iron out a few things. If you do notice something, please let us know nicely, we are only human and I (Jess) am really good at making mistakes or might have overlooked something by accident :)