Liquids Available on Collection

  • Liquids are currently available for refill when you collect your order.
  • You can not add Liquids to your cart. This is due to the various sizes of containers that need to be filled.
  • Please LIST the liquids you need in the Note section at Checkout. Please remember to bring your EMPTY bottles with you, in a separate carrier bag. We can fill them for you when you collect your order.
  • At collection, please ask about the current Shampoo, Conditioner, and Body Wash available.
  • Please note the oils are extra virgin to be used for cold foods - salads, dressing, etc. They are not recommended for cooking/heating.
  • You can no longer only order liquidsYou must purchase something from the Click & Collect section and follow the steps above for your order to be fulfilled.
 Liquid Price 
Olive Oil - Extra Virgin Duvichus AEITHALIS £14.00/Litre
Rapeseed Oil - Extra Refined £5.90/Litre
Chilli Infused Rapeseed Oil - Extra Refined £6.50/Litre
Peanut Butter  £0.70/100g
Washing Up Liquid - (Ginger) FILL £0.40/100ml
Handsoap - (Fig) FILL £0.55/100ml
Laundry Liquid - (Neroli) Non-Bio FILL £5.60/Litre
Laundry Liquid - Bio SESI £4.00/Litre
Fabric Conditioner - (Neroli) FILL £4.00/Litre
White Vinegar - Cleaning SESI £2.00/Litre
Rinse Aid - Hard Water SESI £4.00/Litre
All Purpose Cleaner - (Honeysuckle) FILL £4.00/Litre
Kitchen Cleaner - (Grapefruit) FILL £4.00/Litre
Bathroom Cleaner - (Dandelion) FILL £4.00/Litre
Toilet Cleaner - (Sea Salt & Lotus) SESI £4.00/Litre
Hand Sanitiser - Hand 'Gin'itiser 58 GIN  £2.99/100ml
Shampoo - (Various) FAITH IN NATURE £1.30/100ml
Conditioner - (Various) FAITH IN NATURE £1.30/100ml
Body Wash (Various) FAITH IN NATURE