Important Information

Stay safe! Stay unselfish! Support small! Practice self care! Look out for others!

Covid 19 Update: Tier 4: Stay At Home. Harmless will remain Click & Collect until this is all over. This is the safest solution due to the size and nature of the shop. Please follow social distancing guidelines when you come to collect. Keep 2 metres away from other customers, wear a mask when you come in to pay and consider coming alone if possible. 

- Minimum Order is £1 and it gets you in the queue. 

 - If you're collecting for a friend include it in your notes and ask them to put their own order in and include your name in their notes.

- We will be filling all food orders into paper bags for you to collect.

- Limit waste - If you can’t make your collection day/time let us know before 9am on your collection day. This lets someone else take your slot and saves on stale food and wasted paper bags.

- Make sure you have enough reusable carrier bags (preferably cotton) with you to collect your order.  We will take your bag/s from you and place the pre-packed paper bags inside and then return the bag to you.

Liquids are available to refill when you collect. Please list the liquids you need in the Note section at Checkout. Put at least 1 item from the Click & Collect section in your cart. Let us know the liquids and an estimate amount in the notes section at checkout. Please remember to bring your empty bottles with you, in a separate carrier bag. We can fill them for you when you collect your order.

- Make sure you complete your order. You need to go through like 3 confirm pages or something ridiculous otherwise you'll abandon your cart. You’ll know if you’ve gone through all the pages when you see the Thank you page!

- We have other products in store that you can also ask for on collection including washing loofahs, reusable face wipes and black salt.