Due to the nature of the shop which is trying to avoid any waste, the products in the sale section will have some level of damage, cross contamination (see individual item listing for allergies), item could out of date, packet damaged, used for photography so previously opened, handled and resealed in tupperware, left behind by a customer and been out too long to be returned to original bag or sometimes the item is the end of the line and won't be restocked. 

Please do not choose anything unless you are comfortable with any of the above reasons.

If you choose something then that takes it offline and if you change your mind it will contribute to more waste as it would be unavailable to anyone else.

Nothing will be added that is off, mouldy, badly damaged such as smashed or has too much contamination.

By cross contamination it will mean something like a bag of chickpeas also has a cup of brown rice in. Or an allergies cross contamination such as Sesame, gluten, nuts etc. 

Please do not choose anything from this section if you have allergies. 

We are also including products from Christmas stock that we don’t want to go waste as well as products that we won’t be stocking again for various reasons such as we found a better alternative or simply are not interesting in the product anymore and would rather stock other things. 

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